Damage from Radiation

Ran through rad, fully geared (no rad gear) and with a stack of meat. Noticed very quickly the damage is crazy now, half way through rad and dropped to 30 hp and rapidly decreasing. Legged it out of rad, spammed my meat (I know the heal from it’s has been nerfed), set up a campfire, radiation poisoning wore off, but health kept rapidly decreasing? At this point I was at 20 hp, spamming bandages to keep myself alive with the comfort buff and absolutely no radiation poisoning or cold indicators. Had no idea what I could have done to prevent the damage, aside from having a large med kit.

Am I missing something? Surely the damage should have stopped once the poisoning wore off?

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I mean, I’m now under the impression that going into any rad area without large med kits, radiation gear or pills is suicide.

Personally I’ve never ran into a rad town with the intention of leaving alive. I don’t see the point.

When you leave a rad site, get in the water to wash the radiation off of you. Make sure to move around when you’re in the water.

I logged out with rads, and on next login, the rad bar was not there, but I was losing health. I went into rad town, and the bar did not show up. I was losing more health. Tried the water trick, nothing helped except dying. That was the only thing that stopped the health loss.