Damage is broken

Has anyone else here noticed how broken damage actually is?
I’ve had a lot of stupid problems with it ever since these last few new patches, before then I had zero problems and everything was working as intended.

Here’s a couple scenarios.

A naked wanted me to kill him, so I’m like sure… I pull out my crossbow and I hit him in the head and it does 12 damage to him and doesn’t make him bleed. The arrow is currently sticking right into is forehead. Broken? Extremely.

Same thing happened again but with the hunting bow. Arrow straight between the eyes, did 2 damage to this guy and no bleeding. He was naked yet again.

Another example

I was at a rad town earlier today and I ran into a guy with a tommy gun. He tried sneaking up on me but I got the advantage in the end and I shot him four times in the chest with a bolt action rifle. He just had regular clothing and no armor. In the end with 4 bolt action shots and he admitted all of them hit, I only did 10 damage per hit with zero bleeding.

With my most recent encounter which made me rage quit because this was the most bullshit thing that happened out of all of them. I was at the rad town again and ran into a guy who had regular clothing but just a bone armor jacket. This guy wasn’t moving let alone very slowly. I shot an entire mag into him and maybe missed 2 shots total. He admitted to me hitting him a shit ton of times if not almost all of them but he still didn’t die.

If it means anything I’m playing on a complete vanilla server, no mods what so ever. Also I don’t care about the gear, I have plenty to replace what I lost. But I just can’t play a game this broken so I’ll need to come back to it.

Also what the hell is with the no clippers and teleporters lately? The server I’ve been on which is a fairly big one with 75-100 constant players has been targeted extremely badly lately.

Anywho…the damage thing is bullshit, Never had a problem 2 weeks ago. People were dying as they should, but now it’s broken.

but how could you break it without doing damage?

It sure as hell should of done the damage. My bullets / arrows hit. They were just doing almost no damage.