Damage on stone walls and people?

With bean can grenade, anyone got any stats??

Nobody know what this thread mean ???

You just don’t understand Adolfu then, Simon.

adolfu, be clearer with what you are asking. because the title does not say it all.

This thread couldn’t make any less sense if it tried.


hes asking how much damage the bean can grenade does to stone walls and how much it does to people.

Thank you.


The grenade got low damage and low range actually. If a grenade is on a player, it one shot him, if the grenade is close to him, like one meter, it deal around 50 damage points. At 2-3 meters, it doesn’t work… So, grenade probably damage wall too, how much ? I don’t know but you already have c4 and rocket launcher for this. Who the fuck raid wall with grenades ? :stuck_out_tongue:

SuperBoy From Free Porn Rust

You can see on the devblog. Almost no damage to walls.

11 or 21 damage to stone wall, don’t remember exactly.