Damage system is broke

The damage system is broke. As it stands a single AK shot to the chest or limb does 11-14 damage, which averages about 8 shots per kill. It was much better when 4 shots could kill people, which encouraged more tactics and resulted in less spray. Fighting zergs as a small team is nearly impossible since simply killing a 12 man roam team will cost nearly a stack and a half of ammo assuming you hit everyshot in a place other then the head. I think all premium stuff(in this case HQM armor) has negative returns similar to almost every product in real life. I think it is definitely something that should be changed. Opinions?

I feel that most weapon damage are unbalanced at the present iether that or the hit detection is not always working as intended

the revolver has a faster bullet travel time then the pistol? a lot of stuff is not right.

i agree :slight_smile:
but how you are gonna balance it between the weapons? we need atributtes like dmg penetration =) and also attributes which show us our “armor”
maybe armor which make us slow but safe and armor which we can use to be fast :slight_smile: cooldown about 3 mins to not change it all the time during a fight :stuck_out_tongue:

This is me and my friends at a shooting range meet up we had last year.

2 shots with an AK to any parts of your body will bring you down no matter what.
.223 shot with an AR15 will kill you if you dont find a surgen to remove the bullet in 6 hours

Slugs and buck shot kills 1 shot.
But i seen a person survive a buck shot to the face.
Revolvers are better then pistols and glocks.

Welcome to real life.

I agree that it really does feel like there is something wrong with the damage/armor system. The damage is incredibly inconsistent and although the idea of different bits of armor protecting different regions is nice, it doesn’t seem to properly register where the shot hits sometimes (Due to lag? idk)

The biggest and imo stupidest manifestation of this is eye/headshots through masks. Being instantly killed by a bolt while wearing a facemask and directly facing your attacker should not happen as often as it does.

Rust is not a real life simulator though, so realism doesn’t really work as an argument.

I agree with the headshot through eye. I can be point blank aim to an afk person’s eye and it wont count as a instakill(bad colliders i assume)

As for realism, I neither agree or disagree. They push realism on food, water, bears, etc but ignore on stuff such as bullet damage. One thing id like to see is a limp based on how much health a person has.

what does work as a argument …you have to make your mind up because you cannot disagree without some sort of option otherwise your taking through your ass

Exactly. The hit detection is way too bad at the moment to have this sort of ultra specific damage model in place. All it does is result in bullshit inconsistencies.

personally i think it could be simplified back.

head. body. heart. arms. legs. head and heart do massive damage, body next and arms/legs do minimal. there probably is little sense in determining different damage variables for each of the toes, and any spot in the head is likely to be just as deadly as another.

Not only that, the (pardon my french) cancerous movement (almost completely free of any stamina or momentum… AD AD AD AD AD AD) also completely contradicts the idea of ballistics and realistic hitzones. And so does the fact that people survive numerous headshots with facemasks.