Damage system

I am trying to create my own damage system by disabling the current one with the hook playershouldtakedamage, but it doesn’t want to work…

function PlayerShouldTakeDamage( victim, pl )
if pl:IsPlayer() == 1 then -- check the attacker is player 	
	Victim = FindPlayer(victim:Name())
	Attacker = FindPlayer(attacker:Name())
		return false -- do not damage the player
	return true -- damage the player
hook.Add( "PlayerShouldTakeDamage", "PlayerShouldTakeDamage", playershouldtakedamage)

function Hit(attacker, victim)
	local Att = Attacker
	local Vic = Victim	
	DMG = Att:GetNWInt("Damage") + Att:GetNWInt("Damage+")
	ArmorDmg = Vic:GetNWInt("Armor") - Att:GetNWInt("ArmorDmg")
	if ArmorDmg <= 0 then Vic:SetNWInt("Armor", 0) 
	print("Armor Blocked Damage")
	ArmorLeft = Vic:GetNWInt("Armor") - ArmorDmg
	Vic:SetNWInt("Armor", ArmorLeft) end
	DamageDealt = DMG - Vic:GetNWInt("Armor")
	if DamageDealt <= 0 then 
	DamageDealt = 0
	ArmorLeft2 = Vic:GetNWInt("Armor") - DMG
	Vic:SetNWInt("Armor", ArmorLeft2)
	Vic:SetNWInt("Armor", 0)
	print("Taking Damage")
	HP = ply:Health() - DamageDealt
	ply:SetHealth(HP) end

I set the 4 variables on the initial spawn (just for testing) dmg is 1 and armor is 5 the other 2 are 0.

What it does is:
Doesn’t print anything
Damages player (it should hit him 5 times then bring his hp down by 1 each time)

Error codes:

I might be taking a noob approach to this, but it was the only way that seemed logical to me.
The Networked integers will be set somehow by the weapon the person has and the armor will be set by the armor the person has…


Lua is case sensitive, you have

function PlayerShouldTakeDamage (victim, pl)

and in your hook.Add you have it playershouldtakedamage

they need to match

nope I changed it and still doesn’t do anything, like it’s not even there. (it is in init.lua)

You need to pass the variables into the hit function. Call it like Hit(ent1,ent2). Also IsPlayer() returns a boolean no need for the == 1 part.