Damage to other team not working

Ok so im trying to create a team based Fretta gamemode and I have everything set up, the problem is, is that you cant do damage to the other team.
This is where I assume that you set who can damage who but im probley making a stupid mistake.
Help would come with great rewards!

[Lua]GM.NoPlayerSuicide = false // Set to true if players should not be allowed to commit suicide.
GM.NoPlayerDamage = false // Set to true if players should not be able to damage each other.
GM.NoPlayerSelfDamage = true // Allow players to hurt themselves?
GM.NoPlayerTeamDamage = false // Allow team-members to hurt each other?
GM.NoPlayerPlayerDamage = true // Allow players to hurt each other?
GM.NoNonPlayerPlayerDamage = true // Allow damage from non players (physics, fire etc)
GM.NoPlayerFootsteps = false // When true, all players have silent footsteps
GM.PlayerCanNoClip = false // When true, players can use noclip without sv_cheats
GM.TakeFragOnSuicide = true // -1 frag on suicide[/Lua]

Uh, I know it sounds stupid but worth a shot, heh. Could be that you have it reversed? I mean, the value says GM.NoPlayerPlayerDamage, and you have set it to true. Try reversing it? If not, could be that your server needs sbox_plpldamage 0 or sbox_godmode 0?

sbox_plpldamage 0
sbox_godmode 0

Yeah thanks for the help, You were right Capsup that comment needs to be changed if you ask me its confusing