Damaged Robocop walks away from a destroyed gas station

Just watched the movie. Finally watched the movie. And in my opinion it kicked ass.



The cam angle sucks.

Anyone know a rock model that would work as a small meteor? One that wouldn’t be horribly low-poly like the usual HL2 stuff?


Holy shitfuck. I love the lighting o.o…

i have just shit in my pants, thank you sir.

Friggin epic, you always make such sexy ass lighting man! And good god, you haven’t seen it before now? As for the meteor, I’d suggest the fireball from dark messiah, I got no idea what directory it is in, but it’s there if you got dmm. If not, just use something round, like those uhh I forget the name, but a round prop, and then re-texture it in photoshop.

Holy shit. If you haven’t taken a look at the original, do so. MASSIVE editing.

Dead or Alive you’re coming with me.

Just looked at the original, damnit dude. You forgot the red thingys in his eye! :v:

…Did you actually ever see robocop?

Fuck thats Cool…

ah, another movie i should have seen about a decade ago but am still reminding myself to watch at some point. i’ll get round to it, just like i’ll get round to the other million or so on that list.

the dents look a little flat, but the damaged arm is sweet.


well, missing arm. semantics.

you forgot to add scorch marks around the melted off armor. looks really lame.

dare i say it… ah fuck, why not.

kurit’s hd moon! at last, we find a use for a mushy clay ball.

Robocop is awesome, you are awesome. Have a palette.

Like most people, I saw it when I was like… idk. 9-12, only seen it twice. And it was yeaaars ago since I last saw it. I think I remember him having those red lights going from right to left in his eyes… I may be mistaken tho

isn’t that eye thing from bsg or something (yet another thing i’ve been told i need to see)


fuck it i don’t even know anymore

Ah, damn. Well, I can still add them.

He’s not a cylon or KITT, and I didn’t see any red lights in his visor.

God damnit YES. That will be perfect.

Man, that is a seriously cool screen shot!

Cool editing man…but…every time I saw this thing with that face in my childhood I couldn’t stop laughing,same as now