Damaged Shell (GIT:SAC)

Heavy damage has been sustained to her cybernetic arm as it only dangles by a few wires, she confronts her final foe.

Another ghost in the shell based pose… the arm was fun to edit, i was thinking of adding some muzzle flash to the gun, or sparks to the arm but i was lazy, let me know what you all think.


Now 50% brighter.

[Fixed the image, forgot to perform a few things during editing…]

Nice pose and idea, good rain edit.

Looking sexy.

I understand it’s meant to be dark, but can’t you make it a little lighter? It’s hard to see it where it counts. It does look good though.

My monitor is super freakin’ bright so i’ll brighten it up for ones with darker monitors.


Okay, 50% brighter is now up… if you need more just say so.

The rain looks good but I don’t really like the splashes.


That is a lot better. Perfect lighting if you ask me. Good work.

ah, ghost in a shell I love that anime nice pic
you should of recolored the hair

I did recolor the hair. on my screen it’s a dark shade of purple. (like it should be.)