damaged stuff

I actually like the idea behind things getting damaged over time when it’s used but maybe make it a bit more longer, it really sucks that u gotta repair the m4 after like 750 bullets. Iam not saying the idea is bad but saying maybe they should make it last longer than that.
and also wouldn’t it be cooler as the guns age they become more dusty, rusty, jam and don’t work as well? same with the clothing… maybe the kev and leather and have cuts and holes in them once damaged

The M4 shouldn’t be in the game if you ask me.

750 ? And its not fine for you ? Omg stop spraying all over the place.

You can kill allot of players with that many bullets from an m4.

750 bullets is alot. I do think that armor breaks too fast tho :frowning:

750 holy crap its should only be able to shoot 250 cause that things made out of low quality metal and would break after a few clips.

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Its also 2 headshots to kill a full kev so stop holding M1