"Damagelog Menu (with RDM Manager)" Error.

Link to addon >> http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1301766 <<

I’ve just downloaded it and it doesn’t seem to work, no console errors or anything.

Damagelog-master folder.


Should go in with all the other addons

It’s really hard to tell what’s the problem with the information you provided

Yeh, sorry i didn’t really have much to say.
I’ve put the extracted the zip into my garrys/mod/addons/, and it doesn’t work in-game, no errors in console. Is there a newer download or one of my other addons colliding

The addon isn’t starting at all I can defiantly tell, and I’m positive you have restarted your server recently.

All I can think of is that the addon is still sitting in the wrong place

He’s what my folder structure looks like