Damb annoying problem

Where can i get the crowbar v_ and w_ textures? i cant find them in the cfg

Maybe wrong section, So sorry


And once i re texture them, Where do i place them?

The Source GCF.

Open up source materials.gcf go to hl2/materials/models/weapons/V_crowbar


Damn half ninja’d.

Also, it’s “damn”, not “damb”.

Ahh, I see, Thanks guys

When you re texture them just name the files the same thing and it will ask if you want to replace the files when you drag the .vtf’s to the original .vtf’s.

So do i have to re do the gcf s?


I don’t know what Lemonator’s on about.

If you just put the edited .vmfs into your game/game suffix/materials folder, they’ll work in game.

AWESOME, Thanks guys


It didnt work?

What did i do wrong?

What did you do?

I put the v_crowbar folder, And put all the individual textures in the materials folder…

You gotta put the v_crowbar folder inside your materials/models/weapons folder

Ah, One min then

Did you copy the .vmts as well and are the directories in the .vmts correct?

Worked, Awesome, Thanks again