Damn! bastards are coming!!



Pretty cool, although the contrast makes it a little hard to see everything.

Also what map is that?

why are their faces bright yellow
why are they driving headlong into the enemy force, making no attempt to find cover or break contact
why is there a thick haze of yellow-brown dust hanging close to the ground literally everywhere when according to everything else in the picture, there’s no wind to stir it
why is an apache not only within sight, but also at treetop level rather than several hundred feet above and several thousand yards away
why do they all have bright yellow muzzleflashes (without smoke might i add) at high noon on a cloudless desert day, casting light on things as if the sun is weaker as a light source
why are there shitty tracers going up into the sky immediately out of the muzzle

stop trying to wow the many, many retards with no standards that dwell on this site. instead of trying to make ‘epic’ (ugh) pictures featuring models you know the community will wank themselves off over, work on making something that’s actually good overall first. no inexplicable dust, no instant tracers for every shot, no more high noon muzzleflashes, no more driving right into an enemy force with no regard for life nor limb, and try using models that either a) aren’t used often or b) aren’t from a terrible game about ‘modern’ combat, which is absolutely nothing like any kind of combat much less the modern sort.

Nice snip

something or other, i didn’t see the map name very well


It’s only a screenshot, stop being so harsh.

yes okay i’ll just lie and say it looks great

if people don’t want criticism, then they shouldn’t post their work on a public forum. simple.


I totally agree with rossmum, I guess.

It looks good, but I agree with some of Rossum’s crits.

Damn!!! What an unconvincing title!!!

Maybe too noisy and too bright, but posing and shadows are good.

It’s too bright yes, but I think apart from that it looks great, the posing is pretty awesome, same goes for the angle.

The posing looks pretty wonky, especially the guys with guns.

oh great, another fucking cunt who has MoH models… why dont you just give those to everyone except the people who actually try and make a good screenshot instead of this brown, desert, dust bullshit.

stop teasing with the fucking models, just release okay? yes we see THEY ARE CLEARLY DONE, but not every… single… PICTURE IN THIS THREAD HAS TO HAVE THEM TO SHOW US YOU HAVE THEM.

Maybe he’s just testing them?

if you need to test models, test them in the models section, not here you idiot

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you are so dumb sometimes

So, if you’re criticizing doesn’t mean you have to be such an asshole, yeah don’t fucking sugar coat it but there are somethings that seem to be sliding off into pure opinion than fact.

shut up, we have to be an asshole to make a point and make them understand, because they dont understand. we want people to do their best, not be shitty like ddok and tell him OH SHIT ITS GREAT so we can get models, therefor we tell them the truth

you seem to be more mad about the fucking models than the picture.

either way this picture is p. fucking bad.

They have every right to post screenshot here if they want to, Don’t need to be so butthurt, about models not being release quickly, for yourself.