"Damn! Enemy ambush!" "Oh Shit, Mac down!"


My first gore edit.

You know that I hate those models.
The crack+blood on the glass is flawless but the Infected head doesnt really fit in.
Pretty good.

Who cares? I like that models. Mind your own business. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will you release them ?

it already released by No5_sniper

Eww. Looks like he has been hit by shrapnel.


Nice cracked glass edit.

Ugh, these poses are making me hate Mw2. It’s getting way to overused

It’s funny though because 80% of them are from the same two people. Really, they need to take more time editing and thinking up new and original ideas, rather than churning these poses out like machines.

In all fairness though, at least Ddok’s poses have a few effects in them and stuff.

Liking the glass!

glass crack is really nice.

the wounded dude looks like he got hitted by some really huge bullet or something

you are supposed to hate it anyway that game is utter shit

agreed hugely

even if i don’t have it, im not buying it, ever.

If it was a really huge bullet he wouldn’t have a head. It looks more like shrapnel wounds.

the muzzleflash needs wurk