"Damn!!! Enemy sniper!!!"



Cool. I like the marine. He looks like he’s watching some hardcore porn on the visor from his expression.

That had to tickle

These are Rangers, not Marines.

I don’t really care. All the games mix and match them and I’m so fucking confused which are which. But, bloo have informative.

is that faceposing?

I didn’t know marines have a 75th ranger regiment and wear ACU.

Ignoring the hysterically bad sounding thread title, the editing and posing is great. The guy’s face could be sharper, though. It’s blurring off.

nah editing.

first photo: marine
second foto: US Army 75th ranger regiment

Yeah thanks. I thought everyone in the US wore ACU.


But I’m no american.

Speaking of the title, it seems like he’s screaming on the top of his lungs.

The camo those MW2 models have is supposed to be ACU? 0_o
Oh wow. It looks nothing like it.

nice reflections

Yeah, it actually works. Can’t be ACU. :wink:
But in all seriousness, ACU fades or lightens depending on location; maybe that’s what IW was trying for?

Yeah, the biggest way to tell is the rangers is the light green and the marines have the tan desert or the darker green.

No, it doesn`t looks like acu at all, at least they tried. Wel they better need to take a look at some good pictures next time :smiley:

Not only that is shame about that but the darn red camo! Except it blends in the jelly in the game :stuck_out_tongue: