"Damn, guy got swarmed..." - RPD sneaking through the station

Resident Evil GET. Test pose for the RPD mainly. Gotta play RE2/Outbreak/Outbreak File 2 again one day.


C&C and whatev. May make a few more like this.

Should have used other zombies.

But other than that its awesome. I wish I had your posing skills.

Those doors are trippy.

The RPD station used to be a library or something.

What map is that anyways, it looks decent unlike some of the many other attempts at making that police station.

Also this reminds me I need to finish that map of the Umbrella lab from RE2 one of these days. I’m missing references for the parts of it from Outbreak though. There’s a whole three or four other levels I haven’t mapped yet because I couldn’t find reference images and my computer still can’t do even PS2 emulation at playable speeds (granted, last time I bothered to use PCSX2 it was still at version 0.98 or something, but still). Other than that the geometry is largely complete.


the lighting is a bit bland in spots (as in most older source maps) but with a little lamp magic it looks pretty good

Floating models, how off putting…

I mean everything else is good it’s just the bodies and floating, grab Ragdoll Mover and move them down so they’re actually touching the floor.

I wasn’t really sure what the dude holding the door open was doing at first, since the gun blends into his jacket.

I would use the ragdoll poser tool when you’re done, and sink everyone into the ground a bit. The zombies especially are floating rather obviously because the physbox colliding with the ground.