"DAMN SCOUT!"[Firstperson soldier shoots a scout while readying a nade]


Part one of the ‘Crazed Soldier’ Image series by deathbucket, since he’s banned he’s forced me to post his images

Wow Deathbucket not making some War of the Worlds shit? I’m impressed. This isn’t too bad; kinda reminds me of Mirror’s Edge.

While i agree deathbucket’s right hemisphere is simply half a tripod. i hate how everybody says war of the worlds is shit and that he’s always involved in wotw.


Apparantely it wasn’t based on Mirror’s edge:

Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t think War of the Worlds is shit, I just think his WotW pictures are shit.

I agree atleast about his last few poses, though i live with him and that was the day i smacked him with a teacup for blasting Spirit Of Man at 200Db

Nice angle. Only thing I dislike is the glow/bloom/HDR in the picture.