Damn, she's hot.

It’s been a long time since I edited something.
Feels good to be back. :unsmith:


Original by Zerax. Thanks!


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damn what the fuck have I done to the windows

Holy flying shit.

I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you. :3:

The quality on the ship looks really bad, but everywhere else looks fine.

The editing is lovely, though.

This is amazing. Why did I never edit this one, though?

Indeed she is hot, I’d like to stick it in her poop-deck.

Yeah, the original model is quite low-res and I couldn’t be arsed to completly retexture it.So I just kinda overlayed some other textures on top of the original ones.

Thank you!

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More like why the fuck aren’t you on steam.

Also thank you. :3:

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No, no. I mean the ship looks as if the jpeg quality is low.

It looks fine on the original image, but on your edited one it looks way worse.


Then I probably oversharpened it.

Fucking beautiful.

The water looks horribly jpeg raped or over-scaled or something but the rest is beautiful.

Heh, right. It’s over-scaled. Couldn’t find a big enough stock. At first I wanted to make the picture smaller so it won’t be so bab, but the longer I looked at it, the better it looked to me.

Thanks, mate.

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Yeah, she’s on fire. :smug:
Freaking sexy picture (another pun in there)
I like the fog in the searchlight but the actual beam from the light seems a little bent. Quit breaking the laws of physics.

Yeah, becouse you said. :colbert:

Nah, thank you for the feedback!
I am happy for every reply. :buddy:

Words cannot describe how good that is.

It looks great at first glance, but as soon as you stop scrolling and your eyes begin focusing on the details you notice the terrible things about it. I mean, it’s a good picture overall, but there’s them God awful anomolies that dot the picture that bring it down.

Well and I cannot describe how nice it is to get all this positive feedback. :unsmith:

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Indeed. Maybe I should’ve let the picture rest overnight and get fixing everything tomorrow.
I am just a little impatient, so, well, after spending few hours in photoshop I wanted to post it already. And I am certainly not going to come back and work with the picture some more becosue of my lazyness.

I admit, you’re right. Thank you.

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and maybe I should’ve resized it after all

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well I have to admit I did a very lazy job on this

She’s not hot even when she’s on fire, (pun intended)

Now laugh.