"Damn! Yank's assault!


My first real effect Photoshoped picture.

The fire looks exellent.

But it isn’t has reflection in the sedan

Could be coming out of the engine though

Oh fkn god this is awesome.
The fire looks like it’s coming up from the engine god damn man.
Love how it’s purple/blue at the bottom too :slight_smile:

It looks so real oO

Where is that truck model at the close left from? Looks useful.

Very nice job on the fire, on at the sedan is plain weird, looks to me like the motorhood is burning, not the engine. (But we’ll say it was a Motolov :ninja:)

Upper right fire with smoke is superb, only I would make the smoke a little less thick while its raising.

WOW… i love it… i love the fire on the sedan


The only thing you should do is replace the sky for maximum epicness.

Thanks :), the truch model is from STALKER, you can find it in garrysmod.org

Search with ‘STALKER’

the car is in a rather good condition for being on fire but for the rest it’s good.

Well thats unfortunate, it has lots of good replies but the image seems to be broken for me >:( anyone else?


fix the link

I thought this was real
but i wont be awesome unless i find something wrong with it :fuckyou:

Horrible idea, to hide from the tank behind the burning car… Here comes the BOOM!

Best picture of yours, truly amazing.

Mm, nice cut out of the fire, the explosiony smokey stuff stops a bit suddenly though, looks out of place.

Nice sort of rim-lighting you have going on the dude in the center. nice work :slight_smile:

How’d you colour the fire?
Looks beautiful until it gets up the hill, then it looks blergh.

Nice pic!
I was about to put that camo on the loyalists!

It looks surprisingly realistic on first glance, I like it. Good show.

Great use of fire, and the angle of the shot works well. The use of the center vanishing point is pleasing to the eye.