Damnation All Character models 45+ models

Well those are all character models from a game called “Damnation”. All the models are around 45. I said around since most of them have skin variations (few of them have mesh variations). Those models are in *.psk model format and *.tga textures. In order to use them you’ll need latest milk shape 3d or blender 2.5 whit psk import plugin, or 3ds max whith psk import skript.


Those models came whit their original bones, so you don’t need to rig them. ;). simply edit and export.


Note: Not all of the models on that screan!

they look awesome

That guy in the trenchcoat looks so cooooool…

i think i’ve seen that robot somewhere.
I’ts been ported i guess.

but not the humans.

It has. There’s even a Reich version of it with a dual MG42 arm.

If you mean the one to the right of the cyborg woman, those two are actually the same character in the game :v:

But yeah, i’ve ported the automan model.

Link for the said robot?
I have missed it.

or it was a private model?

Does anyone have a link?

Thread’s been dead for over a year, buddy. Just send a PM to the OP next time.