Damned (PC Game) .mesh import (or import a few models)

So I’m considering reviewing a lot of games in video format and for that I’d like to use some renders from models of the games I’m reviewing. I’m experienced with 3DS Max and the game in question (named Damned by 9Head Games Studio) uses a .mesh format.

I’ve been helplessly searching and scavenging internet threads and the only thing that I came close to was with a Blender torchlight mesh import plugin. Unfortunatly I fear that the .mesh format of this game is too recent (or something along those lines) for that very old plugin to import them.

I was wondering if someone knew of a way to import .mesh files or convert them in any appropriate manner possible, or if he/she could do so for me if willing to do so. I just can’t find any decent program for it let alone for 3DS Max.

anyway you could upload or attach the .mesh files for me to look at, or in PM if you prefer