"Damnit America, I thought you and Russia were cool now."


I love my country. Garry, Please fix DOF.

Just a shitty bonus


I always crash when I try to do super dof :’(

Me too :’(

The Camera Angle is wasting very much space.

Moahaha my Super DoF is working like a charm.

The poses look too stiff.

Poses look stiff.

I like the concept behind it.

Liking the idea, just not the angle or the poses. Give it another try, maybe :)?

Solider in the front looks like he just slipped on a banana and going to fall down :slight_smile: , do something with his left (to him) leg. Perhaps…add some motion blur to Mi-24 and try not to waste so much space on the left and right sides. Those SAS and GSG-9 guys aren’t realy important. You could probably just do Mi-24, a solider running away from it and some sparks effects, it would look better.

The “shitty bonus” actually isn’t so bad. Again, what the hell is with the right leg of the guy on the right? It can’t be SO straight, bend it a little bit (just a bit so it won’t look like a stick) and move his upper body forward a bit (imagine yourself or anybody else running - have you ever seen a human running like a robot - with straight hands, legs and body straight up? lol ^_^). Blood effect on guerilla on the left looks good…you could use better muzzleflash effects though…maybe those ones - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=61222, because the only MF that I see is coming from Ingram, but it’s too far away from the actual gun. So move it closer and download a better muzzleflash effect.
You’re on the right track, keep it on +1.

I am using that muzzleflash pack, the thing is…without SDOF I can’t control how the muzzleflash looks.

You mean the intensity or the type of a MF?
To change MF you gotta change files in your gmod folder.
Intensity - just move the slider on time between effects.
And of course you can always draw your own in PS 0_-

I like Russian Bear, he’s a good C&C’er

non FP emotes are annoyin though

I can’t photoshop, plain and simple fact. And I understand how to change it. You use SDOF to make sure that the muzzleflash is the right one. But…