Damping of Constraint.Weld


I know that code “constraint.Weld” can “weld” two scripted entities. However, the damping between two entities still exists and is very annoying. The damping here I mean is after the Welding constraint is imposed between two SENTs, when you move one by physics gun, the other will follow but have some sort of vibration, which of course is realistic but not what I want.

Is there any method to attach two SENTs so that one follow the other exactly? Or is there anyway to remove the damping of welding? I checked the parameters of constraint.Weld, there seems no control of it.

I am also wondering that is there any “scene graph” in GMod that I can access? By this I can attach one entity as the child of another entity and they move together hopefully… But I am not sure about these graphic things…

Thanks in advance!!

This is a lack of the physics engine, you can’t really fix it. You can however parent the entities using Ent1:SetParent(Ent2), Ent1 does not get any real physics, but it follows Ent2 perfectly.

There is no way to fix this using the vphysics engine. Someone made a way to merge the collision models of the two entities, but that wasn’t working nice with clientside predicition, and was never really released either,

The SetParent function is maybe what I am seeking for.

The collision detection is really a mystery.

Thank you very much!