Dance animation?

Picture this. A console command, a post-processing, etc, code that will freeze you’re character, go into third person, AND DANCE! It could be a punishment for ULX and ASSmod, just makes people dance in the same spot. I think an animation a little more original then the combine burning animation could make it a little better…(this is just a thought)

look, i gets boxes!!! GIMME BOXES!

/ / /

cool and the worse the offence the worse the dancing you could have levels and the last one is break dancing but you always fail till you die. 1 hp per fail


Let’s see if this is even possible.

well, the health failing thing would kinda make it a little worse, in my opinion. I think just a custom animation with a console command to play it would be good…

Get a modeler to add a dance animation to all the player models first, and then this can go somewhere.

Ok, we need a coder and some 1 to make animation that works at all the gmod default player models :3