Dance Club Help

Ok, I’m making a disco for a map I’m making, and I want to make floor smoke.
You know, you push a button and smoke rolls in over the floor? Well, I’m having difficulty.

Should I use env_steam? All those particles make my video card scream. I’m not sure if the average PC could render that.
I’m looking for:
-A good effect
-Something easy to render

Is there anyone that can help me out here?


Can it be toggled by a func button?

I think so

I can’t seem to find any output from func_button to turn it off.

Use onPressed smokevolname toggle :slight_smile:

If of course, the volume has the toggle input.

that both turns it on and off.
Or “disable” or something similar
we need a ninja rating

There is no toggle input for the smoke volume.

Alright just a moment
you cant toggle it.
but you can set the density.
so what you want is:
with a parameter override of (your density)
to toggle on, and a PO of (0) to turn off

I don’t know any dance clubs that have a smoke machine on the floor. Most that I go to have it mounted above head height and shoot the smoke down into the crowd.

Make a particle system for this.


Just go out on one Saturday night and take some pictures of a local one to give you reference.

What if he is not the age of 18 ? ( or is it 21 to get into those? )

If he isn’t old enough to get a real reference, then it isn’t going to look anything like a nightclub of any kind. It’s best to stick to something that you can easily check up on.