Dance with me, mother.

After 4 hundred years of tireless chasing, the asari-Justicar Samara finally runs to earth her elusive daughter, serial killer Morinth, who’s just killed dozen innocent people in the nightclub. In the most important moment Samara gets influenced by the murderer but Morinth doesn’t kill her… At least not before a mad dance among corpses which she asks her fascinated persecutor about.


Comments are very appreciated.

Urbanator? :v:

Today’s my shift bro.

Bitch plz, do you see Jill anywhere? :v:

Erm yeah, weird idea this. There’s probs a lil too much noise and smoke for my taste, but it’s not bad.
Pretty good posing!

Dance with Deaths.
Nice details and lighting, bro.

it’s dark, it’s bloody and yet, it’s sexy. i love it!

Great editing and great posing

Dem Boobies

Dem Tentacles

Aww yeah.