Dancing NPC's

Hey fellow Facepunchers! My name is LOT and I’m trying to accomplish something :slight_smile:

Basically what I’m trying to do is figure out (if possible) how to create an NPC that’s always dancing in a loop. Over and over… Forever :smiley:

Because halloween is coming up and I want dancing skeletons to greet my players. Lel

Kinda like this >>

^ Image above does not fully represent the animation I’m trying to get the NPC’s to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean dancing skeletons who are just dancing in front of the players?

  1. Have a NPC with dancing animation.
  2. Use nextbot.
  3. Assuming your skeletons will be in the lobby of the players, search for a perfect place for put the dancing skeletons, ideally, in the back middle of the lobby.
  4. If found, use in the console: lua_run Entity(1):GetEyeTrace().HitPos and note it somewhere
  5. In the nextbot code, in ENT:Initialize(), put a self:SetPos(Vector(The vector you noted on 4.))
  6. In the nextbot code, make the NPC dance using self:PlaySequenceAndWait(“animation”,1)
    It’s easy, you have just to put that in the ENT:RunBehaviour(), it should looks like this:

function ENT:RunBehaviour()
while true do

  1. You are done.

Look on this page for more infos on NextBot: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/NextBot_NPC_Creation