Dane & Fynch 2: Cat Days


zerax out ->>>

Not sure if I should rate funny or artistic.
Oh and, do you have the original by chance? It looks amazing.



Wow. Have a medal.

Well you certainly nailed the game’s “my handycam is extremely crap” vibe that K&L had going for it, so…

needs more vertical purple lens flare thingies

Cat Days
Sounds sensual.

I remember doing a similar shot with Lebowski, tell me your secrets.

he slaps a big black layer full of bokeh dots on everything and calls it a day

there MIGHT be some sexy lighting involved but no-one really knows for sure

i know

there is.

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I came here in search of cats in hats. I was disappointed.

and this is why you don’t buy JVC brand camcorders

also it’s pretty good

ty ty