Dangerous Chemical Reactions

This idea came from a friend of mine and I thought it was worthy of a post, so here it is. The idea is that you can cause an explosion using a chemical reaction instead of a simple explosive barrel. Basically, you would have a menu of different chemicals in the Entities tab, such as Alkali Metals and water, spawn the water entity and it is a standard oil drum, spawn Caesium and it is a different colored oil drum - however if you touch these two barrels together, they will react in an incindiery explosion - an explosion from Alkali Metals could also be reached if a barrel of the substance is dropped in water. Other various materials could be included - such as a barrel of Aluminum and a barrel of IronOxide, when touched, they create Thermite. Other, more shock-sensitive compounds could be added - I do not know of any, but I know they exist.

There could also be a timer on the chemical reaction, so that if you launched a missile, a barrel of water would slide down to the Caesium barrel - but would set there for around 5 seconds until the reaction started and the barrels exploded, triggering the internal explosives inside the missile.

I thought it was a good idea, and thought it would be useful for rocket building and bomb making. If anyone has other ideas for reactions or modifications to it, feel free to post any.

This idea would be interesting if mixed with the dynamic water particle effect, so that you could check when a particle of say, water touched a particle of caesium. Then you could make some life like bombs.