Dangerous to upload?

I wanted to know if I can upload the TRU models on garrysmod.org. I was searching for them for hours and they are not at gm.org yet.
But when I go to “Upload File” it says I will be banned if I upload stuff I didn´t make, of course I wouldn´t say I made it. But is it better not to upload it or can I do it with o risk, if I say “I didn´t make the models, I just found them and wanted to add them for gm.org” for example?

Sorry for bad English :stuck_out_tongue:

If you didn’t make them, don’t upload them. No exceptions.

Ok, doing so will protect me from being banned I guess, ty

What about Reskins, can I upload them if i credit the modeler?

not without express permission

How can I ask someone on the Gmod site?

Comments on their file, see if they gave a steam name?

thank you, question is send, let´s hope he allows the upload

VALVe model reskins are allowed but if it 's a custom model you should ask the original author or hex it
You also deserve a medal for reading the rules :slight_smile:

5 minutes reading for unlimited fun they say :slight_smile:
What is a VALVe model reskin?
I´m very new to this Model and Reskin stuff, I only know hoe to reskin not more :smiley:

Btw, I have an other question about the gm.org rules:
It says my Steam account will get banned if I upload stuff I didn´t make, does that mean my account will be banned for Garrysmod.org?

A Valve model is a stock model which came with any of the source games, for example, a reskin of the counter strike source desert eagle is fine.

As for your GMod.org account, your steam account will be banned from accessing the site.

ah, ok thank you