Dangerous Waters

You all know the movie Jaws, and it’s many spinoffs and what not, well… I’m sure you all also know that horrid bastard-child known as the ichthyosaur, that monster that shows up at the beginning of Half Life 2, well I got an idea for a gamemode recently. It’s name; Dangerous Waters. In this gamemode, the water’s not as peaceful as you think… There are the ichthes, and not only that… But treasure.

You’ll be able to go hunting for the treasure, like things for gold and sunken ships, but be warned, there will be the monsters, or as I call them Ichthes, but you’ll have at your disposal means of killing and otherwise avoiding them, such as life support so you can build a submerged base, you will also have things such as harpoon guns. I’m working on it as I write this.

If this is executed correctly it could be quite fun to play. Good luck!

Thank you! Ever played the game “Shark! Hunting the great White”? Also would you like the IP address?