DangerZone Oxidie PVP DoorSH Sleepers halfCraft StarterKit Questing

Server IP: net.connect

Brand-new server so check us out!!!

Questing system for rewards /qhelp to get the commands
mod to get location of where you are at /location to get cords here is the link to use when
useing /location http://www.rustnuts.com/
First login starter kits
100 player slots
Friendly admins helpful and fair 24/7
The best part PVP!
We will work hard to keep the server hacker free!!!
No wipeing unless needed only during Updates hope once we get this community built up
people will hang in there with us when we are forced to wipe servers on updates and such.

This server was created by a group of friends who have love for the game and love to enjoy a good and fun community. We are a great bunch of people who will interact and love to have fun. Our goal is to reach at least 20 to 50 regular active members at any given time.

We have 3 active admins [DZ]Stradar26<ME. [DZ]Danger and trisuperlink.

At this point and time we have some active members already we need more!!! we need you!!!
Once we reach 20 regular members we will hold an event that will celebrate this milestone once we reach 50 even a larger event for everyone to enjoy and interact and enjoy some DANGERZONE Epicness.

So come on down and lets get into the game!!!

Our own website!! http://dangerzone01.enjin.com/

Are we allowed to bump posts or no I did not see it in the rules post if so ill delete this after…

Just wanted to mention we now have our own website and forums!! :slight_smile: http://dangerzone01.enjin.com/

Just want to announce we reached 14 people online last night lets keep it up!!!

Looking for more people to join us :slight_smile: awesome admins and fair game play we are still hacker free over here!!

We have reached 18 people last night!!!