Danich's combine energy core map

Sooo… I have a little idea for a map and as a result, I decided to implement it. This is combine energy core. If you like this map, you can track development in this discussion.
The idea is to create not just a map, but a whole mini-game to control the stability of the core to deactivate it.


This is rad! I adore the lighting :slight_smile: Nice job!!

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Ok, a few days ago I finished work on the graphic part of the room, and now I will add various functional things.

The project has been suspended due to the lack of testers with a VR headset. Without a VR headset, you cannot test all the functionality of this map.

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If I had S&box I would be a vr tester. I wonder if there is a way to sign up for an s&box key as a vr tester

Actually yeah if you have any extra keys I would be more than happy to be a VR tester. all i ask for in return is a S&BOX key, and that would be required anyway so I could actually test it. Message me on discord if you have an extra key and need a VR tester BEan#3391