Danmaku guns - Sakuya

Clipping taken from Danmaku Magazine:

"‘How do I stop a rude shrine maiden or a thieving witch from tearing a new wing of the mansion out from the library? The answer: use knives. And if that don’t work, use more knives. And if that STILL doesn’t work, use a WHOLE LOT MORE knives!’

With these words, Danmaku Guns Inc. (a branch of Kappa Inudstries), has released the first part of their work-in-progress Garry’s Mod addons emulating the various abilities and spellcards of the inhabitants of Gensokyo. Readers can secure a copy for themselves by going to the address provided at the bottom of this article.

This first piece centers on the nearly-finished SWEP that emulates the abilities of that knfe-throwing maid from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Sakuya. The SWEP is fully functional, and should be pretty glitch-free (However, if you find some you’re free to report them, and we will solve the problem as quick as possible).

The weapon itself has performed well so far, with very little, if any, lag, even with plenty of shots on the server. Any person, human or youkai, who has a bit of free time to kill, can go spend it killing things with lots of knives.

With that, this is Halle Rochmun, reporting out!

As a facepunch exclusive you also get the Beta for the Cirno SWEP, at no extra cost!
You can acquire your own copy of the WIP Sakuya SWEP here:

A little info:

With spell cards: Less health = More knives (Lower defence = Better offence)

Spell cards can be activated by getting the required spirit-power, shown in the lower-right corner

Spell card 1 - Silver Bound: Throws knives in a circle around the player. Varies from throwing 6 x 3 knives, to 28 x 3 knives (You throw this one in bursts)

Spell card 2 - Killing Doll: Throws knives upward, that then speed towards where your crosshair may be at that moment.

Spell card 3 - The World: A homeage to the infamous “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”-move that goes by the same name (Only in japanese). In this card your player stops time for 5 seconds (Requires a 2 sec charge-up). The cool thing about this one is that it DOESN’T REQUIRE SV_CHEATS to be on
You’ll get the hang of it soon though.

The Facepunch exclusive Cirno beta is based around the Ice-Fairy Cirno, and so far is just the main attack, it also has no viewmodel, and uses the worldmodel of the Sakuya SWEP. Fire’s Icicles quickly. Has blowback so you can fly with it.

If you want tf2is updates around the Danmaku SWEPs, please join our Steam Community:
Danmaku Guns (Members get Betas before anyone else, you also get to voice your opinion before anyone else and all that good stuff)

SWEPs made by: Sploder
I did some stuff to, but that’s unrelated


So this throws knives,and stops time? A video would be nice,but meh dling now.

I would make a video, I was actually supposed to do so, but whenever I make videos in gmod they turn into something that can best be described as… youtube poops.
They turn into 4 different versions of the movie, all with different colors, and different sounds, so it’s so fucked up I wont ever touch it again.
Still, thank you for downloading, may you enjoy the SWEP

So, the time stop here is exactly the same as falco’s, right?

I do believe Sploder said something about using his script as a template yes :v:
I’m not that familiar with falco’s time stopping script, but this SWEP is kinda made for multiplayer, so it SHOULD freeze players (I don’t know if falco’s script does this), however we’ve never gotten the chance to test it out…

We also tried not making it overpowered, because we’re making other SWEPs in similar fashion (One that’s gonna require portals… However, you’re not supposed to see through the portals, so it’s alright)

With falco’s permission, I based my time stop script heavily off of his.

However, this time stop is specifically geared towards this particular SWEP pack, so it doesn’t have any of the things for special entities or other weapons.

In other words, don’t get this SWEP pack if it’s just for the time stop. Get falco’s time stop instead.

In response to a previous comment I have now made a video.
A friend of mine will do the editing, but it should be up by tomorrow.

haha i loved testing this =3

btw the last spell card is called

Time Sign “Private Square”

or Sakuyas World

You sure about that?
Because I’m pretty sure it’s named Illusion World “The World”

You’re thinking about the fighters, aren’t you?


Also, ignore this, it MAY be up tomorrow, still I can’t guarantee anything…


Ok the videos are out!

The weapons are based on this:
View YouTUBE video


This is the gmod-result:
View YouTUBE video



Both videos are now gone because Zondac’s a gigantic [del]faggot[/del] cool guy that managed to delete all his Youtube videos.

Clipping taken from Danmaku Enthusiast Magazine:

"Earlier this week, I received an odd letter. I’m not quite sure how it got up here to the Youkai Mountain, but either way, it was more interesting in other ways. The writing on the envelope was barely legible, leaving only one strange symbol discernible from the other jumble of characters: a circle with a nine in it. On top of that, the letter was frozen through, completely solid. It took me a whole day to thaw it out so I could open it.

Within the letter was a damp paper, containing even more unreadable scrawls. After wasting a good ten minutes just trying to decode the message, I gave up. It seems I ended up losing much time to such a silly endeavor.

Why am I talking about a random letter I got? Well, recently, the folks at Danmaku Gunz Inc. have finished the main underpinnings of the SWEP emulating a certain Ice-Fairy. Like with the first release of the Sakuya SWEP, the latest WIP is still missing several ‘graphical niceties’ such as weapon models and some effects; however, the basic attack and spellcards are all there.

On that point, I was informed that there are some balance and gameplay issues with the new SWEP, ‘Strongest Eyce,’ and that any ideas for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

As an aside, I sure hope that letter I couldn’t read wasn’t something important.

And with that, this is Halle Rochmun, reporting out!

Links: You can get the latest update of the Danmaku Weapons Pack here: http://host-a.net/Sploder/danmaku01_07.zip
It includes Sakuya’s SWEP, as well as the new Cirno SWEP. And maybe a secret.


Note: I was thinking of getting an SVN for easier updating and distribution, but I want to wait until we possibly get a few more downloads before we switch over. Either way, there will still be links provided as well, so as not to discourage those who wish to download the old way.

Please use an SVN, it’s way easier.

This isn’t exactly what I’d call ‘Danmaku’ guns.

Well, if you try it with more than 3 players online dodging projectiles would get quite difficult (At least I THINK it would). However, you’re pretty right, seeing how this isn’t curtain fire AT ALL…

Bullet Hell, maybe if you try hard enough, but Curtain Fire? No


On a completly different subject, your avatar automatically makes me think of a song. I like that song, but it get’s annoying after… like… 4 hours?

well if we wanted Danmaku guns we would have like 0.1 auto fire and lag the hell out of people =3

also there not guns (as you see theres no gun =3)

Yeah, exactly.
But still, someone told me that the server might crash if you run this on a server due to a buffer overload, so if this was REAL danmaku it most definitely would

Sorry for bump, but these are pretty cool.

Makes me want to code some Remmy type C shot npcs.