Danny's Gmod Server

Danny’s Gmod Server

current addons installed:
wire (Svn)
Door stool
Fading door
weight stool
Adv dupe
Ulx & Ulib
and a couple of others…

map: gm_flatgrass
gamemode: Sandbox

Be sure not to hire some 12-15 y old kids.

Yeah lol , thanks

I don’t hope you are 12-15 years, if so, i am sorry.

what ports do i need to do for my server to show up in the server list Btw?

read this instead: http://forums.srcds.com/viewtopic/3554

thanks , that helps


i am 14 , But i’m older in the Head.

i know what you mean , no offense taken

assmod just not assmod, if you get banned in 15 min you have noclip…