Dan's Dastardly Suggestions

Major Suggestions:

  1. In-game context menu button.
    Look at a player, hold down a button, and a wheel pops up. Move your mouse in the direction of what interaction you would like to do with said player.

  2. In-game trading.
    Using above idea, move your mouse towards trade, you are now able to see the other players inventory, and can trade items.

  3. In-game buddy system.
    Use context menu, highlight “Add-Friend”, this player is now immune to all friendly fire, their name is now in green text. Maybe even add a way point over their head.

  4. In-game “Clans/Parties/Groups”
    Use context menu, highlight “Invite to group”, this player is now in your group. When they die they can spawn relatively near you, also their name is now in blue text.

  5. In-game Map.
    3 Cloth, 1 Charcoal. Player uses map to see various structures on the map. Player must find himself, no waypoint, and use tracking skills to get place to place.

  6. Investigative Skills.
    Ability to see how long it has been since a player has interacted with an object. (ex. Fire was put out 3 hours ago.)
    Animal Droppings.
    Rotting Carcasses. (Both animal and player.)

  7. Plants.
    Berries and herbs for healing, player enhancements, and cooking.

  8. Disease.
    Zombies attack you and have a chance to infect you. Also animal flesh can you get infected. Staying Cold too long. Random Encounters.
    -You are now slower and more calorie intake, each day it progressively gets worse.
    -You can infect other players by coming into contact with them.
    -Clothes you wear have a chance of becoming disease ridden.
    (You do not immediately see you are infected, as in, no “You are now infected” status. Only way to see is player model pales, noticeable by other players.)

Minor Suggestions:

  1. Wooden Axes.

  2. Wooden weapons.
    Knife, Spear, Club, arrows.(Low Damage, Better than Starting Rock.)

  3. Flare Gun.
    Shoot a flare up into the air, light the area around you for 2 minutes. Beware, you become a huge target.

Game Enchancements:

  1. Player starts out with 2 raw chicken breast.

  2. Rocks spawn in more places/easier to find.

  3. Calories start out at 1,500.

  4. Animal Spawn rate upped.

  5. Player spawns are completely random.

Feel Free to add more, or comment on mine.

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Server Features:

  1. Ability to change how servers are organised, instead of only by player count.

  2. Add filter for PVP/Friendly.

  1. I’m not agreeing, as it’s removing the fun from taking stuff between two players trading in a forest :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. No way point, no immunity to friendly fire and no green name. This removes the possibility of betrayal and adds too much simplicity in-game.

  3. No spawns near players and no blue name. This isn’t Battlefield, it’s Rust. The game shouldn’t force you about how you must play. It’s up to you to keep calm around your friends, or just go on a kill frenzy and get all the loot.

I do agree with you on some things.

-Friendly Fire is totally negotiable.

Can you find another way to tell the difference friend from foe?

I only suggest this because i have encountered steam friends in servers and accidently kill them thinking they were someone else, it wasn’t untill they were already bleeding and at low health did i notice their name.

One way to tell friend from foe is maybe a colored bandanna or scarf wrapped around the neck. This makes it easy to identify friendly players up close but also leaves the possibility of confusing or sabotaging players during an attack or raid if the group/clan color is found out. One way of combating this would be to change colors every day/few hours, so only group members know.