Dan's Mega SNPC Pack: V5 (It's out!)

Well, here it is. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to work on it anymore.


Change list?

Off the top of my head, added the Horror and changed a few sounds, especially the AK47 and the Terrorist sounds. They speak Arabic now. I probably mentioned a bunch of other stuff I did in the other thread, but I forgot by now.

I thought you had quit lua.

I am sooo dlling this.

Nice, giving it a shot.

Apparently someone reported it.

…Holy shit. And here I thought you were hit by a car and died.
Anyways, reported or not, I’m dling. ^^
Good to see you back too.

EDIT: Horror and Fast Infecting work great.

Holy Guacomole, i thought i’d never see the horror or fast infected! Thank God.

Too bad you uploaded it on garry’smod.org… My problem is that my download rate is only fucking 2kb’s…

luck you.

one time I got speeds of 555b/s

you b, that unit that is smaller than a kb.

The download was going to take over 5 hours…

(I said screw this, I’ll just find a server with the map and download it from them)

I saw a bunch of unused models in the models folder such as a predator and a skeleton. Will these models be implemented in a later version?

Probablly not. If anything, I might do the halo ones, but don’t get your hopes up.

Someone post pics of the horror and tell me if it works.

That sucks, I have 400kb downloading it.
Now only 140 because I’m downloading 3 files at the same time.

Sweets thanks Xystus! How did you end up getting it to upload? You said you had problems before.

Pics of the horror and fast infected please.

Currently away from my gmod and I can’t try it out… :frown:


It got removed? please filefront link

whee is the download link garrysmod.org is shit di you make a file front one ?

file not found!