Dante decided to help out the rebels in the uprising

I’ve been playing a lot of Devil May Cry 4 lately, and I find the game absolutely hilarious and amazing, so I decided to make a picture combining two universes that I dearly love.

Sorry, I know that Dante’s (and everyone else’s) posing is a little whacky, but my God that Dante model was hard to get into that state where it is now.

And now in a bigger screen, I see that I left out some of the background in the rating thing.

I bet when I wake up I’ll regret posting this here, but I think it looks good.

1:11 AM’s work of product.

Those cops don’t have a shadow.

The carnage in the upper right is really poorly masked. There’s still bits of blue. The bullet holes in the glass look really pasted on. There’s a lot of little stuff you missed.

Pro tip: don’t post stuff in the early morning. You make so many mistakes that you otherwise would have caught and corrected. Trust me, I’ve done it a time or two.

Maybe they’re vampires.


That’s what I was thinking.

Oh, that’s odd. I only just noticed that they lack shadows too. I’m pretty positive that I had everything on max, though.

Dante on screen, Nero’s HUD.