Dante from Devil May Cry 3 Request

It would be so cool if someone made a Dante skin for the game… Just think how much ass you can kick with him on your side.

So can someone please make Dante as a playable character…And maybe Vergil too? Thanks!

too bad the actual game models look like they came out of N64. their not worth the time Tposing


wrong game, that’s DMC4, not DMC3

also your sporting a PC version of Leon (lowpoly) GC has the highpoly.

Why not get the Dante from DMC1, if your gonig to use a DMC models, go with the original.

he’s a teen in dmc3 that’s why

and dmc1 he’s like 20-30

wow,i’d like to see this done.Also Dante from dmc3 is the youngest and (perhaps) coolest