Dante From Devil May Cry 4

I’m requesting some one to be able to get Dante from Devil May Cry 4 onto Garry’s Mod as a ragdoll. If any one will be willing to do this I would be happy :slight_smile:


I would make a GMod version of this if it’s done.

i totally support this request.

that being said, good luck.


i totally support this request.

that being said, good luck.

Supporting this, i love the DMC series.

I tried. The model was to high poly for source and I was way too inexperienced to optimise it.

If I understand it correctly, S-low is working on a Dante model.

I KNOW! I requested it too! :DDDDDDDD I’ll be happy for this :> Glad i made my request on his requests thingy cause if i didn’t this thread would die D:!

BUT! I also requested Nero as well with Dante in 1 thread on his forum so hopefully he gets both of them! Plus i finished all 12 episodes of the anime series which i wished they went on with more D:!

This was on my list to work on.

I tried to do lady too. But damn that model was fucked up for me :C

i just got the game so i support



Just been testing S-Lows Dante model for him. Will be released shortly.

OMFG YES!!! I Love S-Low!!! Is Nero with it or no? cause i also requested Nero with Dante.
Also no homo.

Heh, I never played DMC, so I got no idea who Nero is. But nah, there is no Nero…yet. There could be later though.

S-low is my god.

Dante look soo much cooler without that smirk he had in the whole dmc4 game!

Good job s low.

Well i haven’t either besides 4’s demo and number 2 along with the anime series. And I’ve searched up pictures as their must be 2 characters, Dante and the guy Nero i believe cause some pictures had Nero above or below them and it got me so confused. But yea anyways well hopefully Dante will be released today.