Dante's Inferno crap?

I’d like to see props, ragdolls and other stuff from Dante’s Inferno or whatever, if I would want to make a Divine Comedy in Gmod.
Here’s the game if you don’t know about it:
Otherwise, just Hell-related props could do.

This isn’t even out yet, geeze, what a dummy.

I know. If I didn’t know about this game I wouldn’t post it.
But hey, any Inferno related props could do, like inverted crosses, gore corpses, demons, architecture…

Someone should port Dante to gmod. I don’t mind if it is the DMC 3 Model.


Sorry for the caps, but Visceral Games’ Dante != Devil May Cry’s Dante.
God, at least open the link in the first post.

Oops, sorry, I thought you were talking about Devil may cry. I didn’t know about that game before, but looks promising. I hope someone can port those models for you.
I may create a request thread for DMC Dante later.

i wonder when this is supposed to come out, i saw a few YT videos on different levels so i’m assuming the game is mostly completed.

There’s a demo for Xbox 360 on December 24th and for PS3 on December 10th.
Anyway, any alternatives to extracting from the Visceral Games’ thing? There’s not much around for the “fire and brimstone” hell on gmod.org I assume, by some searches I did around.
Here’s some reference by the way, for the architecture kind of thing I’m looking for:



All I’m planning is to make the 9 circles of Hell in different maps, so I can screenshot them.

The only bad thing is that I don’t own HL2:EP2, so don’t put me EP2 crap.

Oh my on thread necromancy!
Would I ask for some models ported from the Dante’s Inferno demo? At least the important ragdolls or something.

Just get a normal cross model and flip it.


God of War anyone?

you’re an idiot.


I guess I’m not the only one.

Well, just asking.
The game’s out now. Any way to rip the models out or something? Having both PS3 and Xbox360 with it?

It uses the Unreal Engine and its for the X360 so its not impossible.
Good luck tho, only a few choosen ones can port from the 360.

Aw crap.
I’ve got the PS3 version.
And I don’t have a Blu-ray drive.