Dante's Inferno Cross power

i was wondering if it is possible to make a swep of Dante’s ranged Cross power?(pic 1) and his close combat cross power(pic 2) i know it will be impossible to transfer the data from PS3 or 360, and i have no idea how this stuff works at all.
but could someone give at a go please?


(pic 1)


(pic 2)

I guess it would be possible to do it in some way or another, however it would not look quite so good, it would also most likely put in a swep, and it would again, most likely need way too much work with particles and models and such, and most lua coder’s here arent exactly good at that.

ah, ok sweet, thanks for informing me of that, oh well, someday it might happen. :slight_smile:

Wrong section. This is “releases”

I was expecting a good weapon release :frown:

Well, when i saw the OP user i facepalmed, But other than that its a neat idea.


Gah, sorry it said scripted weapons, and im like, ok it sounds like i should post it here. where do i post these kinds of things?

:EDIT: oh in requests, geeze im a dickhead. sorry guys.

No problem man :slight_smile: keep looking, i swear i saw some energy blast type swep a while ago which acted like Dante’s cross

Wrong section. :hurr: Well it’s a good idea, but it’s almost impossible for most lua coders to pull this off. Mainly cause of the particles.

I thought someone released this

So did we all, now shut up and stop bumping this even further.