DAO Broodmother porting

Basically I want to port a model from dragon age origins (The broodmother - Boss) into garrys mod. It’s just actually kind of an “example” model but my goal too, I just do not fucking know how to ragdoll shit into shitmod. So what I have right know is my model of the broodmother in 3ds max format, bones applied to it, and a seperate collision model with maybe not so little collision meshes in it (more than 32) or however they were called. And What do I do now? I don’t know what to do with these .qcs, I absolutely always mess shit up. Please somebody help me.
edit, nevermind sorry I’ll be checking out the models questions megathread first.


For the record you need to reduce the amount of collision meshes to 32.

Thanks for the reply. Is this the tutorial almost every person who ever made a ragdoll used? Because well sadly enough I did try to follow all of his steps correctly and still wasn’t able to get anything near a ragdoll fully working into gmod. But then again I am aking mistakes 99 percent of the time I assume. I’ll just start from scratch again with a more human-like model and try another trial and error method for the next 48 hours and see if anything gets better again. Thanks.

NOt sure if everyone. But it does have all the necessary steps to get a ragdoll into a source game.