Dark Ages - Almost less clicking than RuneScape


If you’ve been around since Garry’s Mod 10, you’ve most likely heard of Dark Ages, the gamemode that was a bit of a mix between Runescape and Stranded. It’s a medieval styled RPG, with all different skills, quests and combat to keep you coming back for more. It’s not one of those quick levelling gamemode that you can reach end-game super quick. In Dark Ages if you want to be the best, you have to stick with it.

The objective in Dark Ages is to make your own goals, strive to be the best or be a humble miner selling his goods to travelers, or even an adventurer who loves to help people out on there quests. :v:

• Passive Skills
> Mining
> Woodcutting
> Firemaking
> Cooking
> Smithing
> Farming
> Crafting
> Intellect
> Alchemy
> Runecrafting

• Combat Skills
> Hitpoints
> Attack
> Defense
> Strength

• Stance System (Reload Button)
> Offensive: Gain attack XP through combat
> Aggresive: Gain strength XP through combat
> Defensive: Gain defence XP through combat

• Magic
> Runecrafting
> Spell Casting
> Staves

• Economy
> Shops
> Bank
> Trade

• Custom Map, Textures and Models
• Combat Arenas and Dungeons
• Needs System (Hunger and Thirst)
• Clans

And now the important stuff!

Click here for the full album.

Gamemode: https://github.com/Jarva-DA/darkages
Content: https://github.com/Jarva-DA/darkages-addon
Map: http://puu.sh/8Rk0b.bsp
Map FGD: http://puu.sh/8Vaou.fgd

Steam Group

Current Coder, and Project Leader: Jarva
Mapper: Botond
Modeller: ProgSys

**Also a lot of the credit goes to the previous creators of Dark Ages, some of them are still helping out today, (Botond and ProgSys) but mainly to Gabeee (Runamagic) for making the initial gamemode and creating the idea for me to continue.

I have recieved permission from Gabeee/Runamagic to continue this gamemode. I also have permission from the mappers and modellers to use their resources even if they stop helping with the current development.**

No way! How many players would this handle?

Currently, it should be able to handle as many as your server can, but don’t quote me on this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, will I be able to add my own custom items if I wanted to in the future.

The next large update I’m going to work on is making the gamemode fully modular so it’s easier to edit. I’ll still be doing small patches in the mean time.

I remember helping test this like 2 years ago, when it was still being developed by gabeee!
Hope this gets somewhere

Yo Jarva, What have you added to this version that isn’t on the Gamemode we got from Gabee already?

I’ve been fixing bugs related to the admin mod and I’ve added Linux support. I’m also working on recoding the entire system into modules.

This gamemode needs a lot of work.


There’s even more in there, such as adding yourself to admin…


Thanks for letting me get infinite gold


So I can promote/demote anyone in any clan? Neat.

Also entire gamemode/bank.lua

This is just my first little peak into the gamemode. Apologies if I came off as a douche.
Good luck on this gamemode! Other than the many exploits it looks really good so far.

It has never left alpha stage afaik so these are all just debug commands.

But yeah putting it on github was a great idea I think, so anyone can help to make it better.
(Don’t host a serious server with this yet)

So far so good. I put up a test server for anyone that wants to come try the gamemode out.

Also, lowercase the folder names in your file.Write and file.Read regarding the saving feature, I had to do this since I run my servers on Linux.

Working on remaking the potion model. (high to low poly)

I decided to release here the latest version of the map. Due to some issues with dynamic shadows, I disabled them. Here’s how the Valos area looks like (without fancy lighting like color correction and hdr). There are other problems that I try to resolve, but only if you want the map.


What is the correct way to host this on a server? I have placed the gamemode in the gamemodes folder, the content in their respective folders (materials, models, particles, sound), and the map in the maps folder. I have no idea where the Map FGD, but there is one in the gamemodes folder provided so I left it there.

I get a bunch of error models as well as having to decide to overwrite the particles manifest. I have also tried just placing the content within the gamemode, to no success.

Sorry if this is a very newbie question.

nice gamemode!
I also started a Server: or gamedachs.de:27019 (I deactivated the helpmenu + i have a working FastDL!)

But there are some errors with the Helpmenu.´

Here is the error, which causes the help menu to be buggy:

[ERROR] gamemodes/darkages/gamemode/help/cl_init.lua:20: bad argument #1 to 'SetText' (string expected, got nil)
1. SetText - [C]:-1
2. HelpMenu - gamemodes/darkages/gamemode/help/cl_init.lua:20
3. func - gamemodes/darkages/gamemode/help/cl_init.lua:427
4. unknown - lua/includes/modules/net.lua:30

Thank you for your help!

Edit: When I start it as a Singleplayer game, everything works.

looks good so far, how long have you been working on this?

Jarva started developing this about a week ago.

Update on the potion

We worked on it for months :smiley: First lua project though XD

I must said it wrong, The Original creators of the project if am right spent a few months? Jarva started developing it again after the original creators stopped.