Dark areas are just lots of flicking dots?

In shadows and night, everything thats dark is just alot of flickering dots? Anyone else have this?

That’s the ISO noise filter, it’s discussed in the weekly update devblog.

It sucks hairy, sweaty balls! Forget being able to react to movement from the corner of your eye if your standing still, you just can’t see anything but static fuzz. If your ISO performance is that bad on your camera, you need a new bloody camera!

Also with the “help” function it’s really hard to kill yourself. I spawned on the wrong bag and it took me several minutes to kill myself!

Tree hitting noise! If I wanted to play the bongo’s I would have bought some bongo’s!

No problem with the white fuzz on my screen. Night looks almost the same.

Type kill twice in console to suicide.

I’ll have to listen to the tree noise again, didn’t notice it sounding weird though.

The new update made me sick and my migraine started to act up. This can not be a lasting solution.

You probably shouldn’t play video games with a migraine.

It re-emerged after the latest pach. I had been fine for months.

That’s to stop people from tweaking the gamma. You’ll find if you don’t try to cheat it looks fine…

Try turning your gamma down.

My gamma settings are fixed, I cant tweak them.

with all due respect, i haven’t come across a gpu, even built in intel 4000’s, that doesn’t have rudimentary brightness, gamma, contrast settings. what graphics processor do you use?