Dark Beauty In A Dark Room


3 lamps, 2 light bulbs. Different intensity and why do you care.

Pretty good, though shouldn’t her right elbow be shadowed too?

Yes. With all the lights active I may have overlooked an error or two in that regard.

Were did you find that model ? The picture is good except her faceposing.

Here you go http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QP19D94P
What’s wrong with her face posing? Went for polite sensuality if there is such a term.
Also face posing is a bit limited as you will see.

Tank you doctah! And about the faceposing… she looks evil, man.

Gloria’s hair color looks different from the other.

god damnit i want this model! quit mirroring me :kratos:

Sorry didn’t notice. This link works

It’s like a mix of the Illusive man and Aria.
Looks awesome.

Thanks. Who is Aria?

to be honest I was expecting just a plain black image.

Anyways, looks good mate.

Nice posing, looks pretty good.

Wow, that is your best work yet.
Everything about this pic is great.

Thanks a lot Butty:smile:

I would love to see this model in the sex pose thread.

That is not totally impossible:smug:

1 word. Boobies

look at my avatar then my comment :smiley:

I was expecting rochelle for some reason

Not what I expected, and that’s a good thing.