Dark discussion

Not sure what to say to this. Would possibly have an impact if one have been smoking pot.

Cant see shit

Those appear to be NPC poses I see there.

A bit empty and uninspired, really.

I’m probably the only one that has any kind of background in photography and you kids tell me it’s bad lol

Just because you have a background in photography (guess what, I took photography in high school) doesn’t mean the pose isn’t without its problems.

These are experianced posers, they give fair criticism.

What do you mean only one. Everyone have tried this once. I tried it. I just didn’t post it, because it didn’t seem like a good idea. But some people do post it. And you weren’t the first one.

Gotta say, they are nice and atmospheric but i can’t help but feel that there is a lack of effort in these

Because it is bad. The posing is stiff and minor if at all (see my NPC pose comment above), the lighting is bad and there was little to no editing involved in the first place.

Your “background in photography” don’t mean nothing when you aren’t photographing anything. :colbert:

edit: Also, I’m 9 years older than you if your real age is even 20.

Hello. I’d like to tell you that your screenshots are really bad and I’ve been studying Media & Communication for 3 years now with our Photo Teacher being one of the best ones in our country (Norway).

I hope that hurt your arrogant ego.

You need more life and creativity in your photo. It’s just Gman (and Breen) standing there with strong shadows in his face. It’s some very very typical photos.

Not really considering that there are a ton of people in the industry that just have no idea what they are doing, and what you said has no real effect on this argument. The composition of my shots are decent and I was actually impressed with the lighting i was able to achieve. I don’t give a shit about posing.

My point was that what you said had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

Bad stuff is bad. It doesn’t help if you “know what you are doing”.

You may have been impressed, good for you, but we’re not, it doesn’t look very good. Not in such a boring setting.

Your composition is OK alright, you should crop the two last ones a bit though.

Usually when someone calls someone else a kid on the internet, it turns out they are a kid themselves.

How could you own this game and not care about posing? The lighting is the icing on the cake, my friend! The posing is what everyone’s here to see!

Lighting is awful, and please don’t brag about your background in photography. The picture is really bland, and you used NPC’s.


Really? Posing is 50% of a good screenshot. Just because you have a “background in photography” doesn’t mean that your shot suddenly is amazing. If you’re going to post in the screenshots section, then work on posing.
Also, the lighting sucks. It looks choppy and from the light source (behind them) it doesn’t make sense. It should be casting no shadow at all.

Well, nobody else is, because it’s terrible lighting. It’s just a lamp behind GMan which casts a shadow over his entire body, basically rendering the whole picture meaningless.


Then you don’t belong in the Screenshot section, now, do you?

I take into consideration the obvious limitations of doing any kind of real photography in a video game, no matter how extensive the features are, but I had an artistic goal and it was completed. The first picture the lighting was completely intentional, I think it casted a pretty decent silhouette and it casted just the right amount of backlight on Breen. I mean it looks choppy on the gman’s suit but there are just somet hings operating wtih an in game lamp that can’t be helped. I try to create lighting similar to rl and portraits that i feel are kinda cool.

I see constructive criticism just doesn’t do anything to you. So I’ll be quick and clear:

This is pure shit, you can't take criticism, so get the fuck out.

Any real photograph these days knows how to use photoshop (or other editing programs) to adjust levels, colours and remove small errors and crop the image if needed.

What the in-game stuff “just can’t help” is what you’re supposed to fix up afterwards. Just like limitations in scenery or person in real life is fixed up with in the post-processing. Like making the lightning on Gman correct, instead of choppy and utter shit.

The features in the source engine is good enough to imitate that of real photography. I don’t think you achieved an artistic goal at all. This is not really artistic. It’s just some clichè portraits.