Dark emitter Stool

Hello, I have already posted this as an idea in the ideas section, everyone there seems to think it’s a good idea so I though i’d post it here. I was wondering if it would be possible to make the opposite of the light tool. If you spawned one in a light area and pressed the key that it was set to, it would darken a surrounding radius. If this is possible, I was wondering if you could add the same kind of settings that we have on the light tool, eg. size, intensity, maybe shape ect.

The people in the ideas section were debating as to how this could be done, some believe it would be possible by adding a minus option to the light tool. I have no idea how this could be achieved but I have no experience with things like this.

I would greatly appreceiate anyone trying to make this for me, thanks.

So I’m assuming that this is not possible then?

This sounds highly interesting, but I have no idea how it would be done.

I really doubt it’s possible to have negative light values that would actually darken the area. I think the closest thing to that you could get would be a dark sprite around the light.

Would you be willing to have a go at making a tool that creates one of these sprites? (and if that were possible, giving it the settings that I previously said)