Dark emitter

Hi, this is just an idea but I was wondering if it would be possible to have the exact opposite of the light tool. What I mean is, say you select the tool and create an emmiter in a light place and a surrounding radius is darkened. If this is possible, I was wondering if we then could have the same kind of settings we have on the light tool like size, brightness (darkness in this case) and key bindings. I’m sure you can guess i’m very inexperienced at anything to do with coding therefore feel free to rate me dumb.

This would actually be cool. If an area is too bright and you’re trying to darken it down without needing shadows from props or some bullshit this would be very helpful.

I thought it would be perfect for scary levels. Imagine walking into a room or simply somewhere outside and everything suddenly darkens. I though i’d be able to creep out my younger freinds lol.

Would be very useful in comic making.

For something like that you could toggle lights on and off, that might work.

Why not just add a minus scale to the already existing Light tool?

Because im not sure if its possible to remove light in an area. wouldn’t light and dark conflict?

Whosdr, you have to remember, this is a game, therefor light and dark truly has no definition.

All we need to do is the exact opposite of what makes light, possibly something simple like what hakita suggested which would be to add a minus scale. but if the stool is not designed for that, then we could try to reverse the scripting itself. Possibly have it darken the immediate area, or put over a blackened layer, im not quite sure how it works at the moment.

Not from what I can see…

	render.DrawSprite( LightPos, Size, Size, Col, Visible * ViewDot ) --cl_init.lua

		local dynlight = ents.Create( "light_dynamic" ) --init.lua

	flashlight:Input( "SpotlightTexture", NULL, NULL, "effects/flashlight001" ) --init.lua

So would this be possible? Or should I just forget about it? Thanks for at least having a look.

That might work…

Use Post Processing

This is perfect idea! I’ve been thinking the same thing. Hope Garry thinks about it.

Lol thanks, do you think I should post this in the requests area or would any of you be willing to have a go at making it? :slight_smile:

Er, I don’t think this would work… Light is technically an area, not a physical thing, methinks. I don’t know if I’m right, but I think it would just make the area around the tool look greyer and like a 2-d cloud.

Well Im not very knowledgable atm but im pretty sure the light basically (correct me if im wrong someone) dynamically increases the brightness of the map textures underneath it, using calculations. I don’t think it is technically an area, unless it’s volumetric.
Actually, thinking about it, it would use an area… yes I think you’re right, but I dont see how that would stop it from darkening an area. Instead of increasing the brightness of the area as it does, it decreases it. I don’t think they mean it would make a block of darkness.

It disables all light entities in the radius?

Yep, something like that. Perfect idea, maybe someone could make this? I think that Garry doesn’t even care.

Wow, I didn’t realise that this thread was still active. I appreciate all of your ideas, is anyone willing to have a go at this? I posted this in the requests section ages ago but got nothing.

Btw Garry added a Dark paint, the opposite of Light in the paint tool. Not very useful since it doesn’t get darker and darker if you put in in one spot like the Light paint.