Dark grass

Sorry if the pics a bit big.

Ok so my grass appears like its in the shade 24/7 even in a flat ground with the sun high in the air.

Is there anything i did wrong when i installed this game or any settings that can be changed to enable lightening for the grass again?

I tried putting render distance max and it didnt work and turning grass.on true and false dosent work either.

maybe your grass is just a different species than everyone else’s :wink:

Looks like a nice shady fescue to me… needs a good mowing though.

Sorry, I dont have any suggestions for you really… can you get a screen shot at mid-day in the middle of an open area?

This is mid-day and this is the only screenshot i can get so far in an open space without being killed or chased by someone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also if you look closely all the trees appear normal and brighter like the original while as just the grass staying a perma shade of dark everywhere i go

Does it look like that on other servers?

What type of video card are you using? Reason I ask is because on nvidia cards there is a bug where the trees have a white outline to them at night… wondering if the type of card you are using could have a bug or something that has yet to be reported.

i dont really get that bug. its just the grass being like its shaded behind a rock. i have another pic i got when playing it today. flat area and mid-day. i dont know how to shrink it tho.