Dark Island Tp/Sleeper/pvp/20% craft/Eco/Bounty/ grp & friends

Server Wiped 01/03/2014

Newly started server with following mods installed :

Tpa (Teleport)
Multi Home (Set up to 2 homes at once)
Economy (For buying items “Full list added”)
Bounty (Set or get credits for killing people with bounty)
Group & Friends (For teaming up and having a friend list)
Pick axe destroy (Destroy most selfbuild stuff with the pick axe)
Nudity on/off
Grass on/off

and even more!

We’re at the moment working on live support and more active admins + members, and a giant arena for x vs x amount of people with ingame prizes!!

Join us and help creating some awesome ingame events!

Server ip : ( Join command ; net.connect )


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Have read the rules, and i don’t know whats legal and not about the “Bump” part - this aint supposed to be a bump, just a update feed on the server :

We have some Lua problems with some of the Economy based addons, beware of that - We are on it though, so shouldn’t take long to fix.

Arena is almost done, addons should be fixed again !

Server addons failed again, now updated and ready to go again :wink:

Addons down yet another time, i’m taking 1-2 hours for downtime to fix these problems, will post back when server is active again.

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Server is up and running ! :wink:

Fixed :

Tpa addon
Level system

Server is running great ! more people starts to play here, come and enjoy with us ! :wink:

Arena mod is being set up today and should be running smoothly very soon.

Come on party people :wink: Join up !